John Lurie knows absolutely nothing about fishing, but that doesn't stop him from undertaking the adventure of a lifetime by traveling with his special guests to the most exotic and dangerous places on earth. Here are a few reviews of Fishing With John...

" of the quirkiest, most inventive television series you're likely to run appealing alternative to the high-volume, laugh track world of network television."
- New York Times
"...Lurie has stumbled onto a great format for a talk show...comic and refreshing."
- Los Angeles Times
"...Lurie elevates this venerable institution to a whole new level, doing for the American fishing format what Cezanne did for the still life, what Godard did for the cinema, what Jerry Tarkanian did for college basketball."
- Artforum
"...anyone who sees the fishing shows...will be delighted."
- Paper magazine
"...taking blank parody to new extremes...this is not your father's fishing show"
- Pulse Magazine
"...explores the belly of the beast with the dark obsession of Captain Ahab and the unflagging valiance of Papa Hemmingway."
- New Times LA
- Option Magazine
"...brilliantly absurd"
- SF Weekly
"Not since 'Twin Peaks' has a piece of TV been as inscrutably, inexplicably entertaining as 'Fishing With John' a ping! of reality that Jerry Seinfeld would envy."
- New York Post
"one of the most talented and versatile men on earth or wherever men are found."
- Bomb magazine
"...hilarious outdoorsy send-up....the kind of self-deprecation only a real cool guy could get away with."
- Esquire
"transforms the tedium of fishing with a friend into an event of mythical proportions"
- New York Press
"...marries the celebrity talk-show craze with PBS-style expeditions"
- Egg Magazine
"...downright hilarious"
- Aquarian
"...hangs somewhere between the universes of Jarmusch and David Lynch"
- The Guardian
"...fills the post-Seinfeld void...hilarious, it's a completely unique television-viewing experience."
- Spin Magazine
"Fishing with cool people in exotic locales all over the world has to make for a good time.."
- Rolling Stone Magazine